Zara Phillips Collection by Calleija

How to you bring together the worlds of international show jumping and jewellery design? That was the challenge face by renowned designer John Calleija, Equestrian champion Zara Phillips (Tindall) and Witekite.

Uniting two spirits: exceptional equestrian flair with timeless elegance. Creating a brand that is alluring, daring, spirited, assured and in control, suited for the thoroughly modern and confident women, just like Zara herself.

We crafted a sleek and polished identity, with a subtle a sense of fun, crafted in line with Zara’s individual style, including a signature, a sign of class, distinction and authenticity. We called this approach ‘Unbridled Elegance’.

The campaign photography features the collections signature pieces, modelled by Zara Phillips and her horse High Kingdom, in the grounds of Gatcombe Park, UK.

Created with the team at Witekite.
Role: Strategy, Concept Development, Identity Design, Art Direction.
Photography: Georges Antoni