Tourism & Events Queensland

Rebranding the sunshine state. Historically, the Queensland brand has been about celebrating amazing destinations; reefs, beaches, cities and the outback etc, but for today’s consumers (while these things are still amazing), they are not enough.

We all seek unique experiences. Experiences are about the people and place, and Queenslanders are a unique breed. They exhibit precisely the traits you would want to encounter in people when you are travelling: Laid-back, Friendly, Charming, Genuine, open and Straight talking.

We set out to capture this unique outlook and the new brand strategy embraces this. It invites the world to relook at Queensland through a different lens. Allowing the brand to create stronger emotional connections, greater awareness and drive aspiration. To speak with one, clear, genuine voice across all touch points.

Truly memorable experiences are those which involve people and places. We captured that magic by focussing on the connection between our people and our place. By making them both the hero and uniting them with one signature of Queensland.

Created with the team at Witekite.
Role: Initial Concept Development & Design.